Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is the good company of telecommunication to provide good facilities for their customer. So, in 2020, Ufone launches the many more new packages with good speed internet service. These packages include.

Daily Internet Packages 

Ufone has some good daily internet bundles. These packages are in good internet service with high speed and low rates as well. 

Packages Schedules 


Subscription:       *2256#

Validity:                 1 day

Charges:              10Rs 

Data Bundles:    40MB+500 MB Facebook, WhatsApp, 



Subscription:    *2258#

Validity:            1 day

Charges:         15Rs

Bundles:      75MB+ 500MB social


This offer is for a limited time and you can use it from 1 AM-8 AM. The name of this offer is mega internet Bucket. 


Subscription:         *550#

Validity:                1 day

Charges:                12Rs

Bundles:                2048MB

Ufone 3 days Bucket

Ufone also provides the data offer for 3 days to their customer. This is best for users to get quality of the bundle for use. In this, you can get 100MB internet.


Subscription:        *3350#

Validity:                 3 days

Charges:               25 Rs

Bundle:      100MB+500MB WhatsApp and Facebook.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone has another good feature and provides quality of internet for seven days. This offer is best for all users to get good bundles.

Weekly Light Bundle


Subscription:    *7811#

Validity:           7 days

Charges:          50RS

Bundle:           250MB

Super Weekly 


Subscription:     *220#

Validity:              7 days

Charges:            130RS

Bundles:            1.2GB

Weekly Plus Package


Subscription:      *260#

Validity:                7 days

Charges:             175RS

Bundles:              3GB

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

This is Brand New Pakistan Telecom Company which has good feature and provide efficient bundles to the customer for use. All users get to benefit from 3G/4G internet offers. The two packages of monthly internet are most important. 

Monthly Light Bundles


Subscription:        *7807#

Validity:                30 days

Charges:              250RS

Bundles:            1GB+2GB social

Heavy Bundle Monthly


Subscription:           *803#

Validity:                 30 days

Charges:               500RS

Bundles:             3GB+2GB


Ufone provides good bundles of the internet for the users with full high-speed internet in 3G/4G service. So, all the customer gets benefits from service to use it.