Telenor Helpline Number

Telenor is always available for its customers. In case of any issue, you can take help from Telenor Helpline. Telenor does not leave its customers alone. That why providing 24/7 services for its users. You can dial 111 345 100 for any issue. Telenor is offering a positive image; that why it is known as the best network in Pakistan. The helpline is the easiest way to answer all your questions. By hotlines or Telenor, customer care representatives will solve your issues. Here are some details to get help.

Telenor Helpline

To get any kind of help, dial 345 for helpline from their Telenor number. You can also dial 111 345 100. You can dial these numbers from any mobile and landline number along with your area code.  Telenor customer support center is the center which has all solutions to your problems.

Telenor Helpline Number: 345

Telenor Customer Care: 111 345 100

You must pay Rs.2 + Tax on every call. You can ask any questions from the helpline. 

Telenor Live Chat

In case of any problem, you can also contact Telenor live chat. You can get your problems solved on Telenor live chat. It is effortless and convenient for users. Telenor lives chat facilities that are not good at Communication while talking. All you must enter your mobile number, name, Email to get started the live chat. On live chat, you can get a solution to your problem quickly.

Support via Email

Here is another way by which you can contact Telenor. Without Helpline Number of Telenor, you can approach them via Email. You just need to send an email with your problem that is given Email below. Write an Email and mention your question and sent it to at [email protected]

Telenor Contact Us Page

You can also get help from its official Telenor contact us page. The link is mentioned below.

Terms and conditions:      

For any additional information, you can call on helpline 345. If you are using SIMs without proper documentation is would be considered as a crime. Above all, you can report unwanted and unreasonable messages can texting Sender's Number to 9000.


Telenor Pakistan is offering its best services to its customers. It provides affordable packages so that everyone can avail. Moreover, in case of any problem, you can get help from the helpline. Helping the care center of Telenor working 24/7. So, you can approach Telenor Company from any source to solve your problem.