How to Share Jazz Balance?

Jazz always gives services to their customers according to their need. Jazz is providing a service of balance sharing to its users. You can easily share balance from one mobile to another. This service of sharing is named as Jazz Share, means stay connected. 

You can share your balance with your beloved once at any time at any place in need. One thing is this offer is only for prepaid customers. You can only share balance from one prepaid number to another prepaid number. 

This service is very continental and flexible. You can share the balance of any range within moments. Moreover, it connects you with your beloved.

Method of sharing jazz balance:

Method of sharing balance from one mobile to another is very convenient.

First, you need to dial 100 among * on both sides. Then dial the number of the person to whom you want to share balance. One thing is * should be placed on both sides of the number. After then type balance amount and dial #. After this, for balance transfer confirmation reply at 1.

In case of any confusion, you can get help from this example.


Jazz always won its customers heart through continuous hardworking and different innovation. Apart from this, jazz is also offering different own products like jazz smartphone and devices related to the internet. So that everyone can get benefits within the range. Jazz also gives you different gifts in the form of free SMS, calls and internet. So that you stay connected


The service of sharing balance is very helpful to all jazz users. You can transfer a balance by sitting at your place. This service has some terms and conditions too. For example, your minimum amount of transferring should be 15Rs and maximum 200Rs. Charges will be applicable Rs.3 with taxes on sharing.