Preparation of Plan A, B, C for Remaining Board Exams/Paper in Punjab


Government of the Punjab, Higher education Department has given Notice on 10-04-2020 regarding execution of Plan A, B, C from Lockdown for Remaining Board Papers/Assessments. The detail is as under:

I am coordinated to express that Punjab Government, attributable to the constant spread of COVID-19 Pandemic, declared lock-down of the Area, which was additionally reached out up to 14.04.2020. Every single outstanding paper/assessments/Focal Stamping were dropped forthwith. The standardization of this common circumstance is un-unsurprising. Anyway all the Loads up ought to be set up with Plan A, B and C, upon post-lock-down situation, so the rest of the papers/assessment might be directed opportune/easily.

2 I am, along these lines, coordinated to demand you to sympathetically take the accompanying activities right away:-

Chalk out Arrangement A, B and C, upon Post lock-down situation, in meeting with the Chairpersons of all Leading group of Transitional and Auxiliary Instruction, Punjab to direct the rest of the papers/assessment and offer the equivalent with Advanced education Office.

All the Sheets of Transitional and Optional Instruction are required to share the SOPs/Steps taken to guarantee mystery/security of the papers at the focuses, so as to maintain a strategic distance from any untoward episode.

Extraordinary gratitude to Mr. Muhammad Saleem who sent a duplicate of the Notice by HED, Administration of Punjab.

Plan A, B C

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