Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz the Largest telecommuting company. They are providing services to both individuals and corporate subscribers. Jazz gives 4G internet services to their users. Jazz is offering different cheap internet packages in current situations. You can choose a package according to your requirements and enjoy it with fast 4G speed. Some packages details are:

Daily Internet Packages

Jazz is providing some internet packages to their users. These packages are not only at low rates but also provide you with high internet 4G speed.

Packages Schedules



Subscription: *114*5#

Validity: 1 day

Charges: 7 Rs

Data Bundles: 500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only


Internet Hourly Extreme


Subscription: *846#

Validity: Next 2 Hours

Charges: Rs 20.32

Bundles: 2000GB

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz are offering some weekly internet services with high speed. This offer is best for all users to get good bundles.


Weekly Mega


Subscription: *159#

Validity: 7 day

Charges: 200 Rs

Bundles: 7GBs


Weekly Mega plus


Subscription: *453#

Validity: 7 Days

Charges: Rs 250

Bundles: Total 20 GB (10GBs Only from 2AM – 2PM Only)


Weekly plus


Subscription: *157#

Validity: 7 Days

Charges: Rs 210

Bundles: 12GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)

Jazz 3 days Bucket

Jazz offers a 3 days offer to their customers. This offer is best in use and fulfills all customers’ requirements. In this offer, you can get benefits from the internet with 4G speed.

3 Day Browser


Subscription: *117*1#

Validity: 3 day

Charges: 25 Rs

Bundles: 100MB

3 Day Extreme


Subscription: *114*14#

Validity: 3 day (Valid Only for 2AM to 2PM)

Charges: 18 Rs

Bundles: 500MB

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz always offers cheap bundles to their customers. So that everyone can get benefits from these offers with 4G speed throughout the month. The two packages of monthly internet are most important.

Jazz Monthly Mega Package


Subscription: *117*31#

Validity: 30 day

Charges: 375 Rs

Bundles: 8 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Jazz Monthly Supreme Package


Subscription: *117*32#

Validity: 30 day

Charges: 885 Rs

Bundles: 20GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)


Jazz provides good bundles of the internet to their users. These bundles are designed in low budgets so that everyone uses it easily and can enjoy the internet with high 4G speed.