Hybrid Package

Shandaar Mahana Offer

1000 MBs Data

1000 On-Net Mins

100 Other Network Mins

1000 SMS

Rs. 300 + Tax


Recharge Required

30 Days








Unsub Code: Send ?unsub Mahana? to 7091

Location: Nationwide

Package Specifications:

    • Q. What are the charges for off-net calls during subscription and on-net calls after bundle expires?

      A. As per customer package plan.

      Q. Are there any call set up charges?

      A. Yes. PKR 0.15 call set up charges are applicable

      Q. Can a customer make conference calls, when subscribed to these bundles?

      A. No

      Q. Can a customer make collect calls and call forwarding when subscribed to this bundle?

      A. Yes. As per normal charges

      Q. What will happen, if the customer already subscribed to voice, SMS & data bundles?

      A. This offer will be subscribed in parallel and resources of This offer will be utilized first except Student Bundle, Mehran offer and, Circle FNF and Weekly Hybrid Punjab .