How to Check Zong Number?

Zong is the number one fastest internet service providing company. It has customers all over Pakistan. Zong network always satisfies the customer by offering affordable packages. Zong network is the leading company in data speed. Everyone is using Zong 4G in Pakistan. Recently Zong has conducted 5G tests. After lunch 5G service in Pakistan, it may become the first mobile network operator.  

Zong is also giving you the facility to check your number. If you forget your mobile number, you can even know your number by several methods. Here are some different techniques.

Different ways to Check Zong Number

If you do not know that is your Zong sim number, do not need to worry. These methods will help you to find your Zong number. 

1st Method

It is the first Method to check your Zong mobile number

Firstly, open your mobile phone dialer.

Dial *8#.

After it, your Zong number will appear on your mobile screen.

For this, you do not need any balance. It is free of cost. In case if this code does not work, then try to dial *2#

2nd Method

You can find out your number some other method.

Open your mobile phone dialer.

Open your mobile phone dialer and dial*100#.

After some time, your Zong number will appear on your screen.

3rd Method

You can know your Zong number by another easiest method. 

Open the Messages app on your phone.

Type MNP and send this message to 667.

After it, you will receive a detailed messaged as sim owner name, CNIC number and address will be displayed. It is one of the easiest ways to check mobile number. 

4th Method

You can also find your Zong number through an online system. For this, you need to open PTA official website. You can also find information on You need to enter a valid CNIC in the field. All information will appear on your screen within time.

5th Method

You can also call on the Zong helpline to find the Zong number. Dial 310 from your mobile phone and provide you with all the details such as Sim Owner, Number registered address and Zong Sim number.


Zong is one of the leading companies in Pakistan. The progress of Zong is better than all other competitive companies. Zong always facilities its users. Zong does not leave you alone in case of forgetting your mobile number. You can know your sim card number will all details by using these simple methods.