Code to Check Ufone Number

Ufone is a proceeding company all over Pakistan. It facilitates its customers in every situation. Some people face short memory issues and they forget their number after some time. Do not need to worry in that case. Ufone will not leave you alone in that situation. You can know your number by just following some method. There are three methods to know your number.


There are four methods to check your Ufone number.

Method 1

It's quite an easy method. All you need to dial *780*3# from your phone. After dialling this code, it will show you your number on the screen. By this method, you can know your Ufone Number easily.

Method 2

Another method to get your sim number is dial *1#. By dialling this code, your number in use will appear on your screen.

Method 3

You can also get your number by typing “MNP” in a message and send it to 667. It will not only provide your number to you but also gives you all the details like your name, CNIC and IMSI number.

Note: these methods will work for active sim only. All these codes are for only Ufone users.

Method 4

If you have internet access, go on Ufone website to know your number. However, you need to provide your CNIC there to know your phone number.

So, these all methods are quite easy and working but sometimes method 3 does not work due to busy sites.


Ufone always works according to the needs of customers. You can get all details about SMS, calls, internet in fact about your sim card by just following the above methods. It will provide you with all the information within seconds.