Telenor Balance Check

Telenor Company is one of the leading companies in Pakistan. There is a competition between all the telecommunication industries. That why the Telenor company is split and working into four groups: Mobile operation, Telenor fixed, Telenor broadcast, and other activities. Telenor works as one of the fastest networks in Pakistan.

It is providing you different cheap packages. If you are a Telenor network user, and you forget the balance check code. Do not need to worry; you can check all details by these simple methods. 

How to Check Telenor Balance

You can check the remaining balance through SMS. Simple, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

    Open the keypad 

    Dial *444# from your phone

    Wait for a few seconds

    You can see the remaining balance details on your phone screen.

Code to dial: *444#

Price: Rs.0.24 tax


Here are some codes for your ease. You can check remaining, remaining SMS, minutes, and remaining internet MBs. You need to dial from your mobile phones and can check out the remaining details. 

Check: Balance

Price: Rs. 0.20 excluding taxes

Subscribe: *444#

Subscription Type: PAYG

Check: SMS

Price: Rs. 0.20 excluding taxes

Subscribe: *111#

Subscription Type: PAYG

Check: Minutes

Price: Rs. 0.20 excluding taxes

Subscribe: *222#

Subscription Type: PAYG

Check: internet

Price: Rs. 0.20 excluding taxes

Subscribe: *999#

    All customers can avail of this option, either it is Prepaid or Postpaid.

    You must pay standard taxes. 

    The company can change codes at any time.  

    Company’s Terms and Conditions apply. 

Telenor balance inquiry in Telenor handset:

If you have Telenor handset, you can check by 

    Go to Telenor services

    Click on Balance

Telenor balance inquiry via My Telenor App:

You can get all the details via My Telenor app. It is one of the most natural methods. You can download the Telenor App from the play store. 

    Install the app from the play store.

    Open the app after complete downloading. 

    Now you need to log in to your account. 

    Put your number and set your password.

    Once the processes complete, you can check your remaining balance

    On this app, you can get all details regarding your packages and your balance. 


The Telenor network is working for its customers. It always fulfills its customer’s needs and builds strong trust. It is giving you the facility to check your balance and package details with different methods. All are mentioned above in detail. Just follow the steps and get benefits.