How to Check Jazz Number?

Code to Check Jazz Number

Jazz is the largest and proceeding telecom company. Jazz always solves its customers' problems which they are suffering. It always fulfils customers’ requirements. Sometimes, you meet your friend and you want to exchange your jazz mobile number with him. 

Two types of situations can occur, Your Sim can be new, and you forget your jazz number. It is such an embarrassing moment for you when you do not know your number. No need to worry, jazz does not leave you alone to be embarrassed in front of your friends.

Jazz provides you with a method to check your number easily and exchange your phone number easily. Here are two methods:

Check Jazz Number via SMS You can check your number by both methods, but it is quite easy to check with SMS. Simply you need to dial “MNP” and send it to 667. Here MNP means “My Number Please”. After it, you will receive all the details on your screen including your name, CNIC and your phone number. You can also check it by dialing *99# and get all the information within a few seconds.

Check Jazz Number via Call:

Here is another method to get all the details. Simple, call on jazz helpline “111”. After that, the jazz representative will ask you about your details regarding your name, CNIC and IMSI etc. IMSI is present on the back of the sim. After providing all the basic information, you can know your number easily.


Jazz always works on the problems that people are facing. By doing it, it builds a strong relation to its customers. That is why jazz also provides you with the facility to check your number without going to franchise. You just need to dial simple code and you can know your jazz number easily.