Jazz Balance Check

Jazz the Largest and proceeding telecommuting company. It provides services to both individuals and corporate subscribers. The Jazz network gives the fastest 4G internet services to their users.

Many of the times, people forget the remaining balance as we as code. You do not need to worry if you are a jazz network user. You can check their remaining balance by a different method.

Jazz Balance Check by Dialing USSD Code
Check your balance by dialing the USSD code is the simplest method. When you dial it with your jazz number, it will show you all the details on your screen.

Go to the phone dialer. Dial *111# and press the “call” button. Now, wait for some time. Within a few seconds, you will receive a message from the jazz helpline will all your balance details. That is how you can check your remaining balance within seconds.

Check Jazz Balance by Call
Here is the method by which you can check the balance. Go to the dialer and call at “123”. After it, you will be guided by a call representative. He will explain to you all the details of your balance in both Urdu and English languages. You are also informed about different current packages. You can subscribe to these packages if you want.

Jazz Balance Check Code 2020
Code to dial: *111#   Price: Rs 0.12

Terms & Conditions:

    PKR 0.12 Rs. will be charged on every call. 

    Jazz Prepaid customers can check remaining balance details with this balance check code.

    You would pay standard taxes on each transaction.

    Codes can be changed with time. However, this is the latest balance code of Jazz 2020.

    Company’s Terms and Conditions apply. These conditions can be read on the company’s website.

    You can call Jazz helpline for further information.


Jazz network providing its services in different aspects like SMS, online banking, internet, calls, etc. Jazz network is providing 4G services in Pakistan.

You can subscribe to cheap packages within budget. You can also get all the details regarding your packages and your remaining balance. All you need to dial *111#, all features will be on your screen within seconds. 


The jazz network is the largest and reliable network in Pakistan. It is providing the fastest 4G speed. You can also get your all details related to your package and balance. You need to dial code; methods are mentioned above.